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21st Century marketing that makes you money!

Artificial Intelligence and chatbots make businesses more money.

The Facts About Using Artificial Intelligence And Chatbots In Your Business: 

  • 36% of businesses use chatbots to generate more leads, and business leaders claim that on average, chatbots improve sales by 67%.

  • 57% of businesses claim that chatbot delivers a big ROI on minimal investment.

  • 39% of businesses use chatbots to make their websites more interactive.

  • 74% of users prefer chatbots while looking for answers to simple questions.

  • 1.4 billion people are using chatbots, and the top 5 chatbot-using countries are the United States, India, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Brazil.

  • By 2024, Insider Intelligence predicts that global consumer retail spend via chatbots will reach $142 billion-up from $2.8 billion in 2019.

Super charge your business with the use of powerful automations.

  • Drive more people to your business.

  • Communicate with your clients and prospects and help them reach their goals easier.

  • Communicating with your clients and prospects on their favorite channel makes you more valuable to them.  

  • Dramatically improve your level of service with more customized messaging.  

  • Make more money. Every person on you list is worth an average of $1 per month.  

Let us set up everything you need so you can start getting more leads in only seven days!

  • Why do I need to do this/Will I make more money?

  • The most valuable asset of virtually any business is the size of their existing list AND their ability to build their list. The size and quality of your list will maximize your profits in good times and sustain profitability in lean times. It's that simple. The bigger and better your list the more secure your business.   The better your web properties the easier it is to build your list.

  • What are the monthly fees?

  • Our fee is based on how much we help. 

    1. You pick your level of service. 

    2. You get everything in writing.

    3. You can easily move up and down in service level with 30 days notice.  

  • What if I want changes, need support or want marketing help later?

  • Yes, this is a real possibility but we have you covered. 

    1. You will have a designated team member to help you with whatever you need.

    2. If it's a simple question send us an email and screen shot of the problem and we will answer your question if we can.

    3. We offer a full array of web services and we can become your marketing/tech company if you want. 

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    Birthday Events

    Free Marketing Plan

    Click the button to test a sample how to run a marketing plan promotion.  Your clientele will be amazed at your level of customer service. They will be telling their friends about how amazing you are.  

    *All marketing is custom branded to each business.  

    Customer Engagement

    Lead Generation

    Engage your clients at unprecedented levels. Your clients will have more fun and engage with you because of your unique methods and strategies.  

    Click the button for an example.

    Quiz and Contests

    FREE Weekly Coaching

    Engage potential clients by giving them results in advance with your weekly coaching tips that go directly into their messenger inbox, email, and text. You will be front of mind for sure when someone desires to retain your services. 

    Sell products

    FREE Business Tools

    If you want to sell your services, programs, or coaching to more people, one great way is to earn their trust through education and sharing incredible tools to grow their business.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to set up?

    Our team will have you up and running within seven days of receiving all your necessary information. 

    How much time will it take for the owner/manager

    Typically you need to have one 45 minute onboarding call/meeting.  Then you will need to approve your new programs and automations systems. The approval process should only take about 15 minutes or less. We make the process stress free. 

    Will this require more from my staff?

    No! There may be a short learning curve but the end result should make your teams life easier and generate higher profits.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Cost for this particular design, build and implementation varies based on how much or how little you want. 

    What if I want to stop the program?

    We simply ask for 30 days notice.