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99% Of Martial Arts Schools Miss Massive Sales Due To Lack Of Marketing Automation 

Martial Arts Marketing Automation System

Internal & External Marketing For Maximum Profits

  • Would you like your martial arts academy to massively stand out from all the other schools in  your area? 

  • Would you like to make more money each day? 

  • Would you like to make your staff's job easier?

  • Would you like to provide world class service  to EVERY student and parent?

  • If you answered yes to any of these questions  then  you are going to LOVE what artificial intelligence can  do for your martial arts school. 

Powerful Belt Promotion, & Event Registrations

Click the button to test a sample belt promotion registration.  Your clientele will be amazed at your level of customer service. They will be telling their friends to go to your school.  All events are custom branded to each academy.

Student Enrollment & Referral Contests

Enroll more new students and create better referral contests. Your clients will have more fun, invite friends/family more often because you stand out as the martial arts school of choice. Click the button for an example. 

Powerful List Building

Fun activities, quiz's and contests are the fastest and best ways to build a customer base of raving fans.  Our creative team of expert martial arts marketers can take your clients satisfaction to never before seen levels of success. 

Sell More Seminars, And/Or Merchandise

If you want to sell your customer seminars, merchandise, promotional products etc. we have got you covered. We can create several types of branded campaigns for you. We can even build you an online store.

Your Biggest Questions Answered Below

  • Why do I need to do this?

  • The most valuable asset of virtually any business is the size of their existing list AND their ability to build their list. The size and quality of your list will maximize your profits in good times and sustain profitability in lean times. It's that simple. The bigger and better your list the more secure your business. 

  • How do I get new people onto my list?

  • Here are just a few powerful examples: 

    1. Automated Contests 

    2. Automated Birthday Campaigns

    3. Retargeting ads from website visitors

    *There are several other options available

  • How do I get existing customers onto my list?

  • Here are just a few highly effective examples:

    1. Buyer thank you offers

    2. Event promotions

    3. Automated referral contests

    4. Automated quiz's and contest

  • How will this program add more profit to my school?

  • By making promotions easy to access, fun and rewarding you will automatically get your existing and future clients more involved with your academy. You will add more profit to your school because using automations for events, promotions, contests, birthday etc. are super simple to implement and they work for you 24/7 365 and never need breaks.  

  • Will these promotions and activities be hard for my clients to utilize? 

  • Your new programs and offers will be super easy to take advantage of by ANYONE who can use a cell phone.  Everyone who has a cell phone knows how to use the basic functions so your business, your team, and clients will all easily, and quickly benefit. 

    How does having a list of loyal customers build your business?

    1. You will make sales as your list grows

    2. More importantly you will make more sales every month from your growing list

    Fill Up Your Slow Class Times

    Super fast promotions. You can run special promotions to your list prior to slow class times and get customers through your door within hours.

    Fill Up Your Private Lesson Schedule

    Reduce under utilized rooms/spaces. You can run customized promotions to help you grow your private client base, or organize private lessons for students who need extra help. 

    Host More Birthdays/Seminars/Events 

    Filling events becomes much easier. Hosting birthday parties and special events is a great way attract new clients. However, it can be hard to get started and be consistent. Our system takes makes filling parties and events much easier. 

    Build Your Brand 

    Become the go to destination. People always want to go where they feel special, have fun, enjoy great activities, and receive excellent service. Our program helps you with all of these things and more.

    Payment Portal    

    We will create and deliver you one (1) payment portal for the program, product, or service of your choice. This will need to be a SINGLE product or service not a product line. A product line could require you to have an online store. We can build you an online store as well but there would be an extra fee to create the store. 

    Sample Payment Portal

    What makes this more powerful than other marketing that you have ever done?

    Your competition is eventually going to figure this out too

    • You will become an omni channel list builder. You will literally be building multiple lists at the same time. Our system allows you to build Facebook audiences, text lists, email list, and messenger lists all at the same time.

    • You will save money over time. The last thing you want to do is continually pay for the acquisition of new clients. Our system allows you to pay pennies on the dollar as your lists grow and become more profitable. 

    • 3X the success rate. This type of closed loop marketing system is typically three times more profitable than open loop marketing that has you paying to get new traffic all the time. 

    • Fast Turnaround. Our dedicated team of professionals gets your needed work done fast. We know that getting more leads and/or selling more products and services is the life blood of your business and we take the completion of your work seriously. No excuses. Just results. 

    • Dedicated Expert. Every clients gets a dedicated team member to help you answer questions, review your goals, follow up on results and much more. We guarantee you will not feel like a number when you join our family.  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to set up?

    Our team will have you up and running within seven days of receiving all your necessary information. 

    How much time will it take for the owner/manager

    Typically you need to have one 45 minute onboarding call/meeting.  Then you will need to approve your new programs and automations systems. The approval process should only take about 15 minutes or less. We make the process stress free. 

    How Do I Get All My Passwords/Log In Information?

    We send it all to you upon completion.   You will be in total control of YOUR property.  

    Will this require more from my staff?

    No! There may be a short learning curve but the end result should make your teams life easier and generate higher profits.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Cost for this particular design, build and implementation varies based on how much or how little you want.

    What if I want to stop the program?

    We simply ask for 30 days notice.