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Total Success Business Solutions

Here's The Scoop

If you have questions about our company, who we are, and what we do you have landed on the correct page!

We have heard every horror story in the book about shady, scammy, disreputable, and dishonest digital agencies and coaching companies. In fact we love hearing those stories because we know after you work with us, you will be singing our praises. 

We believe in giving our clients an advantage over every other business who do not work with us. We want to help you put your business in a class by itself or what we call - A Category Of One.

Meet The Team

Brett L., CEO & Co-Founder

Brett is seriel entrepreneur who loves helping others achieve their business goals and dreams.  He wanted to create TSBS to help more people on a larger scale. .


Manny T., CMO & Co-Founder

Manny is a digital Jedi. When you need something really custom for your business, Manny will find you a solution and make sure it gets build to perfection.

Teresa L., CSO

Teresa is in charge of making sure that the level of customer delight is not just met but is in fact exceeded.  

Why Work With Us

Winning Completion Times

Total Success specializes in getting custom jobs done in record time. Our average build time for a website or an automation is seven days. - Read that again!

Quality Assured

We only deliver high quality products and automations.  No fuss, no muss, just high quality work.  We want your referrals.

All Star Coaching

Lots of companies talk about giving good service but we simply say "Talk to our clients."  They will tell you how good we are.