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8 easy-to-understand modules that will take you from complete beginner to a flow and peak performance expert.

Develop Laser Focus

Master Sleep & Recovery

Limitless Mindset

Master Time (Time Jedi)

Sustain Peak Performance Forever!

Burnout Proof Your Life

Optimize Your Psychology

Eliminate Distraction & Overwhelm


A Sample of Other Special Benefits

You Get From A.M.P. Training?


  •  Achieve diamond-like clarity on exactly what YOU really want and not 

     be influenced by outside forces like social media, the news, politics,

     your friends, family or anyone else.

  •  Be happy and satisfied with your accomplishment and enjoy your life.  

     We teach you how to diminish anxiety and mitigate depression. 

  •  Utilize the personal and group flow triggers as a lens by which you can

     view your challenges and make those challenges easier/more

     productive and less relevant in your life. 

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    Would you like to tap into the same super powerful mindset secrets used by many professional athletes, top corporate executives, and elite military operators? 

  • It is possible to dramatically increase your levels of...

  • Productivity by as much as 500%

  • Problem solving by as much as 430%

  • Skill acquisition by as much as 490%

  • Now you can tap into your absolute best self

    With Flow And Peak Performance Training

    “In my lifetime I have had the opportunity to meet extraordinary people from around the world and Brett Lechtenberg is one of them.

    I love to collaborate with Brett on big ideas because he helps me get into FLOW."

    – Sam Beard

    Advisor to 8 U.S. Presidents

    Book A FREE Call To See If AMP Is Right For You

    Meet Your Instructor


  • Brett has been a peak performance coach and entrepreneur for over 25 years.  The first business he built twenty five years ago is still running profitably today. 

  • Brett has trained thousands of adults, teens, and children through his flow state, and peak performance trainings. 

  • Brett has helped dozens of businesses owners increase their bottom line through his proven methods for increasing peak performance.

  • Brett, has successfully utilized his flow state skills to write his books, and programs that have been seen in a variety of news media and blogs from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN iReport etc. 

  • Brett's flow and peak performance training methods are designed for you to learn the skills, have the ability to refine them for years, and ultimately fit them into any situation.

  • Brett is a certified master instructor in the martial arts.  He holds a 7th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has taught literally thousands of black belts and master black belts how to achieve their personal best. 

  • Here Is A Sample Of World Leading Organizations

    Using Flow & Peak Performance Methods.

    This Could Be You!

    What You Will Receive In This State Of The Art Training Program

  • Flow And Peak Performance Live Masterclass: 8 modules (10 weeks) full of content, guides, PDFs, and assignments for you to become a master of flow and peak performance in no time. 

  • Facebook Group Access: Join our community of flow junkies where you’ll be able to keep learning every single day. Also, join our weekly live Q&A’s.

  • The 12 Personal Flow Triggers And 10 Group Flow Triggers: You will learn how to implement flow triggers into your life and how to refine the process so accessing flow states becomes a normal state of living..

  • Lifetime Access: You will receive any and all updates to the masterclass and you can retake the live masterclass as many times as you want. Just contact us so we can place you into the upcoming group. 

  • More Details

    How long is the training and where does training take place?

  • The program is ten (10) weeks of LIVE training that takes place twice each week on Zoom. If you are in Utah there is a live version, you are welcome to attend.

  • Training number one, each week, will focus on implementation of the flow/peak performance material. Training number two each week will focus on answering each participants questions, sharing their success, and helping with any challenges that may arise during the week.

  • Every training and Q and A session will be recorded and stored in your private members area and in the private Facebook group for easy access if you miss a call for any reason.

  • You will have lifetime access to a private membership site and private Facebook group to engage in the training, answer questions, share your wins and challenges, receive inspiration, etc.

  • You have lifetime access to the program and ALL updates